Hotels in Kiev:

    Hotel Corona Chubinskoe

    Hotel Corona Chubinskoe

    General information:
    Hotel near Kiev Borispol. 33 rooms of three categories.
    Decsription: Crown Hotel is located only a short drive from the airport Borispol. We offer comfortable rooms, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay and temporary residence.

    Mir hotel, Kyiv

    Mir hotel, Kyiv

    General information:
    270 hotel rooms, 2 buildings, 5 and 15 floors. Is situated near to the centre of Kyiv close by “Holoseievski” park.
    Decsription: The advantages of hotel Mir are the excellent location, developed infrastructure and high level of service by reasonable price! The hotel is situated in the most green, central corners of Kiev, near to “Holoseievski” park, ten metres from Goloseevskaya Metro station. Every hotel room is equipped with a phone, satellite television, refrigerator, and conditioner. 4 conference- halls (from 8 to 150 seats), WiFi. We offer services of the exercise room, hairdo studio, rail-tickets sale, shop. There is a lobby-bar, two restaurants in the hotel.

    Royal Hotel de Paris, Kyev

    Royal Hotel de Paris, Kyev

    General information:
    Отели на 11 и 20 номеров. Hotels are situated in the center of the city. Cost per day from USD 50 tо 250
    Decsription: Royal Hotel & Beauty Club De Paris offer their guests 11 comfortable apartments of the European standard following categories: "business class" - 3 hotel rooms, junior suites - 4 hotel rooms, one studio suite and 3 double-room suites. Each of the hotel rooms presupposes the presence of a conditioning system, a floor heating in a bathroom, a public-call connection, a satellite television, a plasma TV, Wi-fi, a mini-bar.

    Other hotels in Kiev:

    Kreschatik hotel
    Kiev, Khreschatik str., 14

    Absolut hotel
    Kiev, M. Tsvetaevoy str., 10/87

    Admiral-club hotel
    Irpen, Sovetskay str., 116

    Adria hotel
    Kiev, R. Okipnoy, 2

    Albion hotel
    Kiev, L. Ukrainki blvd, 9

    Bratislava hotel
    Kiev, Malishko str., 1

    Verhovina hotel
    Kiev, Petropavlovskaya str., 24

    Visak hotel
    Kiev, Obolonskaya naberejnaya, 17

    Dnepr hotel
    Kiev, Khreschatik, 1/2

    Drujba hotel
    Kiev, Drujbi narodov blvd, 5

    Dyubek hotel
    Kiev, Gamarnika str., 56

    Jemchujina Dnepra hotel
    Kiev, Naberejno-Khreschatitskaya str., 5

    Impressa hotel
    Kiev, Sagaydachnogo str., 21

    Libid hotel
    Kiev, Pobedi sqv., 1

    Nika service hotel
    Kiev, Dovjenko str., 16

    Obolon hotel
    Kiev, Timoshenko str., 29

    Opera hotel
    Kiev, B. Khmelnitskogo str., 53

    Prezident hotel
    Kiev, Gospitalnaya str., 12

    Puscha Lesnaya hotel
    Kiev, v. Moschun, Lesnaya - 1

    Rivyera hotel
    Kiev, Sagaydachnogo str., 15

    Senator apartments
    Kiev, Pirogova str., 6

    Sport hotel
    Kiev, Krasnoarmiyska str., 55

    Turist hotel
    Kiev, R. Okipnoy str., 2

    Ukraine Hotel
    Kiev, Institutska str., 4

    Feofania hotel
    Kiev, S. Perovskoy str., 6/11

    Express hotel
    Kiev, Chevchenko blvd, 38/40

    Eridan hotel
    Kiev, Alma-Atinskaya str, 39a

    Kozatskiy stan hotel
    Kiev, Borispolskoe shosse, 18 km

    Tsentralniy hotel
    Belaya Tserkov, 50 let Pobedi blvd., 15

    Vishegrad hotel
    Vishgorod, Spasskaya str., 25

    Gintama hotel
    Kiev, Trehsvetiyelnaya str., 9

    La Vilia hotel
    Kiev, Uspeshnaya str., 15

    Borisfen hotel
    Kiev, Drujbi narodov sqv., 5

    Kamelot hotel
    Kiev, Melnikova str., 4

    Sankt-Peterburg hotel
    Kiev, blvd Shevcenko, 4

    Premyer-Palace hotel
    Kiev, blvd. Shevchenko / str. Pushkinskaya, 5-7/29

    National hotel
    Kiev, Lipskaya str., 5

    Guest House Sherborne hotel
    Kiev, Sichneviy lane, 9

    Hotel Saturn
    Kiev, G. Kosmosa str., 2 b

    Sonya hotel
    Kiev, Vladimirskaya str., 77

    Piano hotel
    Kiev, 40-let octebrya ave., 130/57

    Pektogral hotel
    Pereyaslav-Khmelnitskiy, Khmelnitskogo str., 55

    Podol Plaza hotel
    Kiev, Konstatinovskaya, 7a

    Hayat hotel
    Kiev, Alli Tarasovoy str., 5

    Faraon hotel
    Kiev, Naberejnoe shosse, 6-7

    Obereg hotel
    Kiev, Krasnozvezdniy ave., 25/16

    Oselya hotel
    Kiev, Kamenyarov str., 11

    Salyut hotel
    Kiev, Yanvarskogo vosstania str., 116

    LaMa hotel, Kiev
    Inn on the left bank of the Dnieper. Cost per day from 320 to 500 UAH per day